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Delivery in the Alvin, Houston, Clear Lake, Kemah, League City, Pearland, Webster Texas areas for additional cost

Our products are all custom made and prices are based on the amount of custom detail requested by our customer. Please contact us for pricing.

Basic trash cans start at $55 and go up with custom options

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EXTREMELY pleased with the level of craftsmanship!! We ordered trash can #3007 in a 10 gallon size as well as a 5 gallon size. Rickie e-mailed pictures along the way to show the progress. We had to have ours shipped because we don't live in the area and there was a little damage to the 10 gallon can during shipment and was not Rickies fault. My husband was able to easily repair it. We loved the garbage cans so much, we ordered another one that we use to store our dog's dog food. This one was kind of a special order I guess you could say. I e-mailed the measurements of our plastic container and Rickie made a can according to those measurments. He even put our dog's name on the lid. We received it today and absolutely LOVE it!!! It came in perfect condition and no damage during shipment this time.

We would definitely order again in the future!!





Custom Dog Food Holder

Lid comes off
Personal named per customer request.


Holds 10 gallons
Gloss Finish

Bath trash can holds three gallons. Plastic can included.

Large Rustic Trash Can
20 x 20 x 36
Holds 30 gallon bags
Lid comes off to hide liner

5.3 Gallon with Glossy Finish

Hold 10 gallons

This custom built trash can was made with details requested by the customer which makes it one of a kind. You design and we make our woodwork so that it is personal to you and will be an item passed down to future generations.

Cedar stain with brown hardware
Trash can liner is located under the removable lid

This neat rustic bathroom trash can is 15x13x18 has a four gallon solid liner in it.
The lid can be removed has four stars with a horseshoe handle.





Happy Customer
Jesse from Conroe Texas
May 2010

Happy Customers
January 2013

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