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Mr Caddell,

I wanted to write and say I whole-heartily appreciate you and your company making this years Father's Day present something that will be treasured and loved in our family for many years to come. I am a stay-home mom to triplets and twins plus one in college. Because I am unemployed, it's very hard for me to make big purchases and plan for any surprises for my husband. I saw your advertisement for rustic custom coolers and I knew this would be a gift my husband would cherish and be totally unexpected. In October, I could not pay for it outright, so you allowed me to put half down and secure the deal and you began working on it.

Over the last 7 months, its been a pleasure to talk to you and iron out all the details on the delivery, the details on personalization and surprising my husband. Because I only shared with you a few details about my family and my husband's hobbies and interests, seeing the final product was shocking to me, as well.

Al has been in the Army for 26 years, still active duty. He is a die-hard, number one fan of the Dallas Cowboys, aside from that, I left all of the other details for a theme up to you.

It was such a blessing that you deliver for a small fee, because there could have been no other shocking way to present this to Al. You met us out at the park, and it was like something off of television. My husband thought we were going there to let our kids run wild and play and snap a few pictures. We approached your trailer, and I told my husband to wait a second, while you move, and you pulled the vehicle forward and there, on a red display, was the cooler! His jaw dropped, he was saying "NO, WAY!" He walked over to it, and you came over, showed us the secret storage compartment, the bottle opener, the drain spout, the 81 can capacity cooler, the engraving with our last name, the Dallas Cowboy artwork, the US Army Strong Artwork, the metal decor, the details, the beautiful way you made old fence-wood come back to life, I mean it, I was in awe. It was better than I could ever imagine. My Father's day gift will be well loved, my husband won't even put it outside :). This event, the dramatic way it was given to him, will be one for our memory books.

Thank you so much. It was nice doing business with a local company, the heart-felt way you take time to find out about the person you are making it for, the amount of personal time and effort you put into each piece, you work so closely with these pieces of furniture, and then you give them away with a part of yourself, its just special. We have made a new friend, it was nice meeting you, we hope to have you over to the house to see our cooler again.

God bless,

Jennifer Francis